Nyakagwe Village

The Nyakagwe Village target is located at the western end of the broad, semi-arcuate belt of active artisanal workings (up to 1000m wide) stretching eastwards through the Mgusu target to the Nyakagwe East target area (a distance of some 1,500 m). The main artisanal workings at Nyakagwe Village comprise a pit with dimensions of some 100 m x 100 m and 35 m deep within an area containing numerous vertical shafts over a rectangular area some 200 m by 100 m. Artisanal shafts located on the southern edge of the pit extend to depths in excess of 40 m below surface. Underground workings reportedly extend over a strike length of 40m, exploiting a quartz vein up to 3m thick, striking west-northwest and dipping at approximately 40° to the south.

Prior to 2011 this mineralization was unknown despite being within metres of the local village, a result of the ubiquitous transported cover draped over the Tembo project area to depths in excess of 4-10m. This fact strongly supports the conclusion that there are potentially high-grade targets yet to be discovered beneath this cover along the numerous magnetic lineaments that locally coincide with artisanal workings but extend well beyond these and have sub-parallel counterparts with no workings.

Higher-grade samples from the Nyakagwe Village workings exhibit very fine grained visible gold associated with vein quartz. The high grades intersected in drill holes are associated with quartz veining and sulphides (predominantly pyrite) within meta-basalts.

The drilling to date has demonstrated that east-west and northeast trending structures are developed at the target and that these both are mineralised and where they intersect widths of mineralization exceed 5m.

The following drill result highlights have been achieved at Nyakagwe Village:

  • TDD0071: 9.64g/t Au over 3.95m from 85.25m, including 24.72g/t Au over 1.45m;
  • TDD0101: 1m of 78.1 g/t of gold from 294m to 295m;
  • TDD0103: 15.10g/t Au over 1.00m from 54.00m;
  • TDD0107: 3.55m of 16.58 g/t of gold and 3m of 27.88 g/t of gold from 44m to 69m;
  • TDD0111: 35.14g/t Au over 2.45m including 167g/t Au over 0.50m from 53.35m;
  • TDD0112: 3.49g/t over 4.98m from 65.12m;
  • TDD0115: 2.74g/t Au over 8.50m from 53.00m including 7.73g/t Au over 1.00m, 3.43g/t over 1.40m and 4.04g/t over 2.00m; and 2.04g/t Au over 9.00m from 69.00m including 2.89m over 4.80m;
  • TRC0552 : 8.42g/t gold over 3.00m from 86m; and
  • TRC0562 : 4.61g/t gold over 5.00m from 82m.

Drill Program

To date a total of 2,196m in fifteen diamond drill holes and 1,315m in eleven RC drill holes have been completed at the Nyakagwe Village target. The initial drilling consisted of limited diamond drilling beneath the shafts and open pit and lines of heel-toe RC drill holes to test for the extensions and other potential parallel mineralized structures. Further drilling at Nyakagwe Village during 2014 included shallow diamond drilling along the eastern extent.
Further diamond and RC drilling is planned to follow up the high-grade intersections achieved to date and to define the structural controls on the mineralisation and determine the lateral and depth extent of the mineralization, particularly to the east towards Nyakagwe East.

Artisanal Sampling

The main artisanal mining area consists of an extensive open pit immediately to the east of Nyakagwe Village. Mining was primarily from a series of shafts to the south of the pit, exploiting a series of quartz veins at depth but has ceased due to depth, water ingress and rock hardness making it impossible to continue. Sampling of material mined in the vicinity of the pit has returned an average grade of 16.42g/t.